Confined By The Night (A Poem By Ndukwo Kalu Ugah).

Confined by the Night

The sun whirls by
For the moon and stars,
Longs to see the world;
Sparkle in the night.

Lovers sees the ill
And the devouring teeth of the night
Yet proceeds in familiar
Habits in turning about,
Making a vow
And taking a bow,
They either sits or stands about,
In the large heart of the night.

The blue sky has no light
Encrusted by its own effluvia,
He has a demon to fight;
As the darkness visits in my sight
And my weariness kept me awake in the fearful night.

Tonight, Every night,
Has the golden right
To dispatch ears to the mother less plight
Also he defends the widow in her fight;
And the dying, he accelerates their might.

Poem By Ndukwo Kalu


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