Night by Eleshinnla Ayodeji


Night and I are best friends.
It keep my shames.
Hide me from murderers.
It adorn my world with stars in
the sky
You form images with the cloud
to behave dramatically just for
my fun
You’re patient but not warm
In you I find liberty.
You give me strength to be able
to feed on them (human) at full-
Oh night! your full moon my
bright blue eye
My piercing fangs,
a wolve in man
Ooh! Night, day(sun) afflicts
me whenever you’re not
Human kills my kind with the
help of the sun.
They mock us. Sun’ teeth
throngs on our skin and it burn.
In daylight there is death.
I could also move unobserved in
But it takes my breath.
Ooh! Night. Now that you have
arrived, I feel free.
I feel power beyond human
I could run fast than the swifts
I shall feed on them while they
are asleep.
Dance in the pool of their blood.
I’ll spare no human for they
have treated us like a monster.

by Eleshinnla Ayodeji


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