I have lived

I have lived

If only you will mind to mind
I will tell you how i have lived
Even when life was not yet mine
Not yet yours and not yet theirs.

I have long lived as a toll-ing toddler
In the trotted holes between father’s toes
I have been told of the ugliness of toads
And the loveliness of the so ironized trolls
Though told of father’s betrothed throne
I have known life trod on shall bring me home

I have lived as a streamlet of oil
Along the shallow course of mother’s furrow
So i have tasted the pains and bitter sweats of every she
Every she made to cry and tear by every he
I have lived as a coin kept between leaflets
Left to fade and wither as ignorance of man reflects
So i have known only a treasure in book is hidden to men

I have lived the salty and i have died the sour too
The detest of envy is enough proof of the love-glues
I have had an eye behind my blind sights
He who watches me linger my lingering heart
I have lived for the fears of these whirling breaths
That might smoke my lung out of it’s windy wealth.

So i have sure lived a life
A life enough to live after the deaths of afterlife
When life will be neither mine, nor yours, nor theirs.

Micheal Ace
#magical poetry


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