an endless night by Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju

an endless night

so last night…

we played our drums with rigour
we played the rhythms of chains
and fettered the dance…

yes, we fettered the dance
and bathed her with ceaseless cries…

we did not spare the dance
we broke our legs for temptations
we tore out our tongues for lures of songs
and threw her the sadness of our crushed teeth…

we broke our necks too…

we hanged her, the dance
we peeled her skin by skin
over the dry gaze of the moon…

we prayed the painter behind the clouds
run out of colours for day
that the night may be stagnant…

that we may mourn our lost stars
and wear an endless night over our sorrows.

Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju


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