ECSTASY NIGHT by Oki Kehinde Julius

Darkness triumphs over light,
Day subjected to the night.
Sun had earn her glory in the noon.
It’s now the turn of the moon.
Warn the spherical sun,
To dance not to galaxy tune.
The ray singing its melody,
Had been muted with chronic malady.
Let the whitish sky,
To manipulate into black.
Tell the birds that fly,
That their road had become dark.
Allow the twinkle old stars,
To reflect out their glittering light.
They are the glory of the night,
Shinning like diamond up high.
Mosquitoes are now hungry,
Houseflies should go to sleep.
Only the night provide them food,
Nutured with the human red fluid.
Many will be send to a night grave,
With a sweet aroma coil of raid.
Night gown ready to stare at nakedness,
Of body clothed with daily stress,
Get the pellow pillow teased with hands,
Night grave is already ready for romance.
Junction hungry for sacrifice,
Calabash will soon quench the apetite.
Tell ‘Esu’, the master of cross roads,
That its dinning table will soon invite the ghost.
Tell the witchcraft that fly,
That midnight is already at hand.
The gods that direct the movie of night,
Will soon come out like worm beneath the land.
Hands will soon fight with banging drum,
Legs will soon swipe to singing song.
Amidst the abode of darkness,
Where life is sent to an exile without sword.
Poison my blood,
To become taboo to gods.
Dumb me into deaf,
When my name is echoed in spiritual relm.
Until the hen cocks,
Till the soul will be raised up.
When the night creatures start to talk,
Life is already dead in strup
Oh! Creator of creature,
Beat my cock till it cries
I lay on my mat like green pastures,
Let its early song provoke my corpse to rise.
I want to rise with the sun,
And not to crawl with the moon.
Open my eyes when the morning comes,
So that my kneels may crawl in praises with joy.


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