Night by Ifeanyi Akuchie

my eyes threaten to close with tiredness,
and my body wants a cozy place,
to rest my tired body,
there are fissures at the pinnacle of my mind,
that needs sleep to go down under.
you are a strange character,
adorned in a gaberdine of darkness,
the sky has sent the sun away,
and the moon,
a milkish crescent shape,
has taken over.
the streets stream with people,
with blank eyes,
merely shuffling ahead,
for the street-lights are mere antiques,
that potrays no use.
when i close my eyes,
to the things of this world,
you are splurged on the large sky,
sending a white rendition to the earth,
the stars twinkle daintly,
and the moon rests peacefully,
and Night!
Night watches over us.


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