Night by Olatunbosun Opeoluwa

We were done for
the day’s job
at the moment of the
evening click
we packed our tools
into our bags of burden
to be dropped
at the table of ease
We got home
immediate3ly the sun
drift away from the sky
to the entry of the moon
we watched with our head up high
as the moon
silently and majestically
resumes its post
as the night guard
After a poor dinner
by mama
we all gathered outside
to watch the moonlight
without stories
but tunes in our head
around the corner
of our yard
the flowers planted by father
have being bents
not obvious to the eye of man
but felt by the touch of the finger s
Lingering around them
is the crickets
making its noise
a the music of the
the night
“ko ko ko”
breathlelessly with happiness
which is absent among “we”
Opposite our fence
through the gate
which isnt there
the goats flock together
like a family
with love and understanding
a family unlike ours
their “noosing” Stares”
and “silence”
captures my ears
to listen to the
beat of the air
i wonder
maybe oneday
when our home makes a role model
out of this
maybe “coldness”
will be cured
Mr Clap cat
moved swiftly
its knees merely kissing the ground
at the break of a run
like kids playing in o0ur yard
the birds chirped
from the tree
they sang songs
by the nightingale
they flapped their wings amidst the peaceful
wind of love
flying above the clouds
like children allowed freedom
children whose daylight is of joy
children unlike me
who only work
for the treasury of “ma”
even the sky is silent
the moon prese3rve its po9sture
not asleep
but quiet
the stars fashioned the sky to their praise
withe elongated pride
only said in silence
the night is the best time on Earth
a peaceful time
to unleash pain in the heart of man
either in tears
or snore
a moment being alone
to the servitude of the
race of man
to fight the race of “self”
the night is clear
clear as white
but not righteous
its only makes the devil white
“bang Bang ”
my jaw got hurt
by the quick alert
felt by or heart race
into the house
we ran
shaking profusely
from the anger of the night
its them again
the devils of the dark
who have come
blinded by us with their mask
of shame
just as the night transcends in
its a slave to


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