Night in Johannesburg by Olajuwon Timilehin


The charming cloudy cloud covers
the smiling sun that shines over
the terrace of the radiant city
As the night, a murderer come visit

Nightfall comes
as a bloody murderer
stretching her wrench hands
to feed our souls with death’s cake
like the tse-tse flies.

It rapes the heart of the king
to pluck the eyes of citizens
lurking into the shadows
to strike the helpless victims.

Nightfall comes
like a ceaseless drought
destroyed all that we have got
teared us naked in shadowless shadow
to hunger and endless thirst.

Men now ceased to be men
men become cannibal of naked souls
that feed on flesh in their hunger
and quest for fellow-folks blood to quench their thirst.

Nightfall comes
like a gate keeper
kicked off the peace that trend
and sold us to mindless friends
that make jest of our shameless blood.

They turned to slaughter
Men become victim

O’ unruly nightfall!
I am a victim
I am a prey
of the dreadful night that raped our sight
you are my best enemy.

Why must thou come always?
Why don’t you for awhile stay?
And let the smiling sun shine its ray!

Nightfall ! Nightfall !! Nightfall !!!
Please go; let come a peaceful day.

(C) Copyright
Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon


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