Night version by Aremu Adams Adebisi

Themanthology: Night

Cradle thy head, oh ye snoring night
into faded dreams till thy morn would belch
the rays of the sun on a thoughtful day,
so you would tell the tale to your dawns
of how you tried finding peace in sleeps
when the day is awake every now and then.

I see a night dressed in the finest regalia,
mounted on a white horse adorned with bracelets;
yet he sobers at the quick pace of every gallop
when though he should control this, he can; but why?
He says: one certain day has the rein to his horse.

I see a night chewing pleas in the shrine of gospels;
his wife is barren likewise his dear children
suffer from the chronicity of evils and measles.
Where is Ifa? Where is Sanponna? Won’t you pray to them?
He says: one certain day burns his tongue to the gods.

I see a night clothing the glints of lunar rays;
he sits, hurling stars against the earth surface
and would praise his brain by feeding his belly.
Why must you night the already-night night again?
He says: one certain day would gleam the darks afterall.
I see a night being stoned in the gathering of colours…
They say he looks black and just devoured a banana…
that he has arms and could jump from trees to trees;
still, he twinkles stars and makes the moon to shine; but why?
He says: one certain day would be tired and would need to rest.
Hold my hand! Who would convey these words to my kins
that peace can never be found in the linings of bassinets;

whatever happened to having sleepless nights!!

  • Ifa: a divinity that accepts people’s requests.

* Sanponna: the god of illness and tragedy.



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