My Night by Jumoke Adesewa Olah

My Night

Tomorrow i await,when my lofty desires raptured my mind
I have captured this many nights
Countless times and later escapes my jotted lines.

I have subjected myself to crying cries of humming notes of psalms
I got enslaved by my crafted pen made out of gold in his palm
Drilled on stones,wall and the sky.

I have sacrificed my drooling eyes
Which every night gasp for breathe
When i sieze to take a nap.
I have worked my brain
It worked me in turn smiles and riped lines.

Those nights i got myself entangled with torments and trials
From doubt i brought alive
That same time i gushed out in laughter when my writes reached out to likes.

This nights and those nights to come
Maybe that night i neglected my own dreams
Would rise back again to life
And make me whine my back to dance.

Through my own nights,i wake my day..

Jumoke Adesewa Olah


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