Night by Terrific Terry

(A home for our bodies)

Man will do all he can
Drive the canyon to its view
Bottle the wind.
so the rose can grow.

Man will wake up before the dew
the same routine
Plough in the rain
Work,until the sky fades blue

Hoping for silver from the sky,
Gold from the field.
He will work all he can
Day and night,work

To him,
Night is but a change in hue
Night is but the best time to find a clue
There are nights shifts
They all kill us soon.

Some do not sleep
Some cannot sleep
They have to beat the traffic
They work all month and week

Strenuous are their eyes,
dim from the work
Tired are their hands
Wanting no more dawn

It goes on like this
until rest forces us to embrace
Until Night binds us
It’s what we’ve wanted all along,

So your bodies do not yearn
For coffins instead of beds
So your blood do not learn
Pressure instead of rest

Terrific Terry


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