Night: For your mind by Mustapha Abdullateef Abiodun

Night: for yout mind
by mustapha abdullateef abiodun
Night oh night
A darkness like black paint
That’s full of heinous things
A night of fetid paint
Night oh night
That whirls fast and faster
And full of mysterious things
A night like a covered paint
That’s full full of odoriferous saga
You can’t understand
Unless you are in my shoe
A night with paranoid things
you should have met her
A millions time
Think on think
A night you’ve met
That’s like sobotour to your life
putting you oh you!
In a dillema place
Cringe and cower from that night
A night that has bastardized
From their home
A night oh night
think oh think
A night
With a scepter
to exacerbate your life
A night
that’s ubiquitous in your midst
Just be a watch do
To prevent henious night
A night ! A night !! A night!!!


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