ÒRU ÌBÈRÙ {Scary Night} by Amore David Olamide


Oru the flag of dawning night
How fearing are your welkins are?
That trembles heart in daunting fright
That buries rays and petrifies.
Fight the dark with all thy might;
Oh! Pilgrims of the glooming night
Of thousands fear that threatened thee
About tomorrow reflexes.
In you some acts are harshly plant
Oh! night of moonbeam scintillant
The weeping soothe of sobering stars
That wretches light of gleaming sight
Beneath the sky are slumbering clouds
Oh! darkness of the dazzling clad
The eerie shadows luck behind
That grip the fragile heart from far.
Your deeper grief of darken stride
Oh! night of admonishing smiles
The linger yet the nature are
The limps of sauntering celestials.
And when the long dead in their tombs
Oh! raised from casket thereupon
And when the tree of foresters
Exchange their sprouting scary rants.
And when the valiant repugnant
Oh! rest in peace in waxing time
The tears of demons whistling on
Like whispers of Armageddon.
When infant with their lullabies
Oh! wallop in distressing grieves
And adult with their heavy snores
That travels miles like goddess mourns.
What if you see a walking beast
Ijakumo the midnight king
Oh! thrillers of vehemence things
That trembles heart in ruthless scenes
Oh! night with darken eclipses
Where are the days of morning glee?
And glowing sun in gaiety?
That prompt my boundless jollity.

Amore David Olamide


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