Handle the critiques!: A critical analysis of the address of critiques by Micheal Ace

Handle the critiques!

For instance, i publish a poem on my timeline and i tag you, then i see you comment…

“Do you think this is poetry?, you have just written error because these flaws I’m seeing are not forgivable, even christ can’t”

How do you think i will feel with that?…Will i find my pen worthy of it’s ink again?…And when do you think i might have the zeal to write again?
These questions are though rhetoric!

I’m not to speak about critics, i don’t have the guts to, they are poetry mechanics, they are poet’s personal doctors, they are life savers but sometimes we wonder how they do their jobs, some with love, some do it frankly without minding the poet’s morales.

I know of a critic who read a poem, cricified it and immediately blocked the writer.
I know of he who call “Poetic License” “Poetic Lie-sense” and that is a big legend of mine…
Sir Graciano Enwerem

But i am to discuss this with poets, how we can control and manage critiques…
If you have something that might divert your attention then you need to leave one for one, maybe you come back to read this…just a piece of advice.

When you post a poem or a literary work in general, there are two phases of comments that come your way.
Appraisals and

Appraisals are meant to grease our elbow, most times those type of comments are exaggerated but they do better as fuels in us, we might not deserve them but mere reading them, we feel our spirit being lifted.
They encourage!

Critiques on the other end are morale killers, especially those done with carefree urges.
They faults a poet and his poem, they send pens to exiles but we need them.
They nurture!

Let’s take Appraisals as Petrol and Critiques as Engine Oil.
Now if i may ask you, which do you think your car needs more often?

Engine oil is needed to elevate the performance of the engine and Petrol is car’s sweet sailer. So in short…
Appraisals are to keep us writing
Critiques are meant to get us better as regard our crafts.
So you need former more often than the latter.

Now, this is how to handle critiques whenever they come…

If i trash your poem fishing out the errors, the needless words and the missing ones, if my analysis judge your poem and make out points which places it outside the compound of ‘Good Poetry’, then do these

Keep quiet for the critic so say his mind, never argue with him and lay dead your self-defense even when he misinterpretes your lines, let him speak and don’t forget to say some words of thanks.

Then, read through, pick the ones that gain your nod even though they don’t suit you but you think they will drive you better.

Make use of them exclusively, perfectly and professionally, then throw the new piece to your audience and see their turn-ups, see their comments and check if you have gotten any better. If yes, then pick the ones you can be constantly perfect at and leave those that doesn’t flow wirh your pen… We all have our styles.

If your audience don’t like it, then go back to the former swiftly without disregarding the latter, they will help you renovate your magics sooner or later.

Make sure you return to the critic with another plate of appreciation.

We not not write for critics, we write for audience, moreso, not all critiques are right”
Micheal Ace

I think i have not taken much of your time with this, thank you for reading my view. You are appreciated.
God bless poetry, God bless you.

Share this work if it earns your NOD

Micheal Ace


2 thoughts on “Handle the critiques!: A critical analysis of the address of critiques by Micheal Ace

  1. erahoalind1818

    This is truly awesome!
    You absolutely break down the house…by explaining the phases of critiques. It gives me the understanding behind those demeaning criticisms I’ve received from people who read my works. Thank you Michael Ace for this insightful post. You are absolutely brilliant joor!


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