‘of peace’ by Micheal Ace

‘of peace’

Do they not know?
That the bee’s beingness shall be in convoy.
Have they not heard?
That a decollated snake wears not a dog’s fur
Do they not smell?
That scents of cane is a beckon to scorpions
And have they not thought?
That those mysteries are lies told by nature
But only made true by the oneness of the gods.

You may let them know
That when the pillar of earth finally crumble
And the sky comes falling in her royal rumble
There shall be no paradise or freedom tower
Then, we shall admit that this world is ours
For heaven is just a home away from home
We shall fish no blame from the acts of Adam
And shall not rebuke Eve for her tender heart
For then, we shall have all souls as one soul.

But please, let them know
That when the snakes travel in multitude
Even widows shall call their husbands to flee
#When the goats seek their vengeance in twos
Even barrens shall call their children to heed
For no ‘one’ wins a war, but battle is won by ‘two’.
Though,I know these words are not mine to write,
But only this world is all I wish to right.
And that is why I preach ‘of peace’ tonight.

Micheal Ace


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