Hello Night by Adegoke Adeola


Can I say hi?
…Even after the castration of evening,
…You kept up your lies.
The golds, silvers, diamonds…
All your promises are mambas,
…Poisonous strikers named after you.
Your several cuckoo!
Our burial’s fufu!
…And the millions counting thousands of hands,
…After our final departure.

The best gift?
…You told the breeze to give us a token,
A priceless slap,
accompanied by dirge and black clothings.
…You gave a joyful nod
when it’s time to sleep.
Afar, there are thousands of screams
from this nap.
I won’t forget,
The success of your hardwork,
Which pushed Moma into the six feet
of the silent den.



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