ONE BLUE NIGHT by Undisputed POG


The Bluish night with charming dews
The Angelic Night with crispy tales
The matrimonial Night that coupled souls
The creamy Night that plastered Heart.
Saliva interchanged most passionately
As i hold on to her succulent breats
Her lips tasted of Buttered Chocolate
Her eyeballs lightens the Dark Hut.
She kissed my skin and i felt like a super Hero
I rubbed hers and I breathe freshness into her
I whispered into her songs of Beautifulness
As i hold on firmly to her wet tight
She unbuttoned my
flowery designed pyjamas
I made loose her roughen sexy panties
I cross-checked the hairy part
She felt guilty but never said it
I hold on passionately to her bare buttocks
As i was drenched with Sour sweats
On my way to insert the very mighty pintle
Just there the sound of the Catholic bell woke me.



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