Be Contented

It’s not like I’m covetous {at least I have one mother and I’m satisfied}, but in life we always quest for better things. Like you have always wished to buy another shoe to replace that soleless one.

So I took my phone to the swapping center after our 8 months wedding anniversary. {I marry my phones, maybe that’s why I had to struggle with my waec}. The man collected my ‘Tecno H5’ with a huge smile and offered me a seat of legless stool, I never knew when smiling makes the side of one’s lips touch the ear, it preaches deceit.

I wanted Samsung of any bigger screen size, I remembered the tests of time I passed through when I saw BlackBerry Bold5, the amount of saliva I always put on the battery terminal, the tuck of paper I used to suck the battery and how I used to wrap the charger’s cord around it when I want to charge. I cannot go for ‘BB’, so I said.

He said, “Oga Ace, you go add #2,500 to this una phone o, the samsung wey I wan give you na confirm”.
I dipped my hands and brought out #1,095. I knew how much hunger would wire me but I gave him #1000 knowing the #95 would take me from ‘Iwo road’ to ‘Sango’, he collected it after much bargain.

I collected the phone, finalised everything and went away. On getting home, I tried to charge my new wedded wife but…….

” It’s better to be satisfied with whatever you have, and if needs arise to change stuffs, try and be smart or better still. Go for brand new”.
I learnt my lessons when I discovered the phone has no charging point. What pained me was not the cost of ‘desktop charger’ but the usual ‘rubber band’ I will end up using to hold my battery whenever I want to charge. The holding springs won’t last long, I have tried it before.

Well, that was long time ago but the lesson remains…
“Be contented and if your greediness is backed up by spiritual powers, then make sure you are smart.

‘Your Ace Writer’
Micheal Ace


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