Hope of light of lamp by Arowolo Jamiu

Hopes of light of lamp
Light of lamp always usher in that hopes
Of renewed presence in passage of timely seasons,
And cultivates prophesied time awakening
In deep dance translating memories
5 With seductive songs of healing in consoling hymn
Dreams beyond dreams are closely connected
In the spiritual mood of life realms,
And I feel elated with time spring of seasons
Bounding and caressing my heart space
10 With the positive feeling of hopes.
My heart always communicating and travel
In the passage of time,
Navigating slowly without encumbrance
Through my counting fingers like a prayer beads
15 Of silent supplicant in spiritually fervent prayers
Brighter dawning days touch the spirit of my soul
With consoling mood and connected visions
Of programmatic renewed hopes…..
Time promote always chances of life to radiate
20 With immeasurable seasons change
As visual vision light gives comfort in sustenance of hope.
Beyond I always feel at ease
With utter disbelieve in muse
Of serenading songs of love with hopes of light of lamp
25 That will wondrously illuminate the hidden treasure
In the vacuum of my life and preserve
The harmonies of everlasting love
That will endured forever
©@ Jamiu Arowolo
30 May 2016


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