My Mummy is a Daddy: Poem by Micheal Ace

My mummy is a daddy

Hello!, hello!
Do you hear me?
I’ve just come in conveyance
That I have a manly mother
So please, do not be left agape
Because my mummy is a daddy
I sulked from her mellow oranges
The freshened milk for fore-ages
Then I grew and outgrew months
Minutes by hour as the days flaunt
My infancy died every single night
But at day-breaks, I still elatedly cry
Mummy swam in her brilliant seas
As I aptly course on distant sprints
So she taught me metaphoric crafts
To symbolise stars in every scribes
When the sun dies and come falling
It will be one for her and none for me
I began my crawls on earth pebbles
The thorny grasses had me wrestled
With bartered face, cuts and bruises
Shattered slates of daunted muses
But she lightened my sparkling dream
I dreamt all nights of prettier dreams
Hello!, hello!
Do you still hear me?
I have just said in the rhythmic lines
That though, my mummy is a mother
But she has done more than all fathers
Indeed, my mummy is a daddy
Micheal Ace
Watchout for
Story: My ‘end of the year’ speech as a stammerer.


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