No More Virgins 1

No more virgins 1

“I cannot keep my hands to myself. Moreso, I cannot have you here and start coursing streets in search of girls to satisfy my urges”
Precious stared at her boyfriend as he was talking, what actually kept her eyes on him was the usual way Johnson convulses whenever he wants to have sex. His eyes will appear like they are in need of fresh air; big and red.

“If you like, take your money to ‘angle 90′ for girls that will unleash their underworld for you. If you are not ready for marriage then stop asking me for sex. Useless man”
Johnson is ’34’, no one knows what has kept him from bearing the cross of wedlock. Precious on the other hand is an ‘OND holder’, she doesn’t wish to further, she prefers sex to reading at nights but things has changed. She wants marriage now more than anything.

I knew things like that happen but I cannot disregard the fact that “A movie is a movie”, before I could continue watching Johnson and Precious’s romantic misery. I heard a knock on ny door. It was Blessing, my neighbour’s daughter.
This girl has been tempting me for quite a long time, she would wear a very skimpy dress and most times sit on my laps. She would collect my phone, surf my gallery while she have her legs on my laps.

Courtesy demands that I understand she was just a small girl who sees me as a big uncle but my manly nature defines an opposite sex as what it is, whereas, she was neither my sister nor my daughter. I kept nurturing this lustful seed planted in me whenever I see her.
She was a very young girl at ’14’, she was an epitome of beauty, straight legs, well sized hips quite much more than her age, her burst was like a “20 years old girl’s”. She would walk making her hips appear like those of ‘Nicki Minaj’. In short, she is sexy.

I did not have a girlfriend and I’m this loner who would never have visitors, always indoor and all alone. This girl always keep my company, she had a very fast education so she had finished her O’level examinations. She was always home-alone too.
{Not that I was jobless, I was only unemployed}.

One lonely afternoon, I was home as usual when this girl came, she wore a gown which reached the middle part of her thigh. I did not know if anything was worn underneath but my sanity wouldn’t make me ask.
She went down to my television set and switched it on, she bent to pick her favourite film from the last layer of my shelf when I saw what I shouldn’t never have seen.

I saw…..

To be continued

©Micheal Ace


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