There is just one project, one of it’s kind, that:

  • Promotes Poetry
  • Celebrates Poetry Icons
  • Improve poetic crafts
  • Unites Poets for greater manifestation

Secrets of magical poetry is a project that cut across the whole wide world as regard poetry and it’s Icons. Ever since it’s onset, it has been able to feature these legend

Phunsho Oris/Illinois, U.S.A
Warjiri Philomena1/India
Eriata Oribhabor/Lagos, Nigeria
Brigitte Poirson/ Dole,France

The project is an INTERVIEW SECTION where featuring icons are asked questions based on their poetic life and craft in general. The two earlier released chapters have received a wide recognition in the world of poetry, It has also made a landmark by earning giant contribution from stardom poets like

  • Aremu Adams Adebisi
  • Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju
  • Kukogbo Iruesiri Samson
  • George Ebuka Shakewords
  • Tukur Loba Ridwan
  • Amore David Olamide
  • Adenike Superb Adeniyi
    and many others

I must not fail to share some of the QUESTIONS and ANSWERS that have really blessed poets all over the globe.

Who precisely is a POET?

  • A Poet can become a beggar just now and
    simultaneously , he / she can become the
    President too *
  • A poet is someone that can play any role, wear anyone’s shoe and create himself to be in any situation.*
    Warjiri Philomena/Secrets of Magical Poetry I

To become a poet, what three quotes do you think I need?

  • I will tell you:*
  • Know yourself*
  • Know your world*
  • Know language.*
    Phunsho Oris/Secrets of Magical Poetry I

Sir, what do you understand by poetry?

Poetry is the divination of broad thoughts.
Poetry is like an Ejiogbe that symbolizes all that is known and unknown in the universe.
Amore David Olamide/Secrets of Magical Poetry II

Now, the SECRETS OF MAGICAL POETRY III will be gracing the spacious evergreen wall of LITERARYPLANET website on a Yet released date will shall be broadcasted soonest. We shall be featuring

  • Kukogbo Iruesiri Samson
  • Poetess Erah Oalind

You can send in your questions to as we proceed to the compilation stage. Thank you in anticipation.

ACEworld and Literaryplanet team

Micheal Ace


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