No More Virgins: Short story by Micheal Ace

No more virgins

“I cannot keep my hands to myself. Moreso, I cannot have you here and start coursing streets in search of girls to satisfy my urges”
Precious stared at her boyfriend as he was talking, what actually kept her eyes on him was the usual way Johnson convulses whenever he wants to have sex. His eyes will appear like they are in need of fresh air; big and red.

“If you like, take your money to ‘angle 90′ for girls that will unleash their underworld for you. If you are not ready for marriage then stop asking me for sex. Useless man”
Johnson is ’34’, no one knows what has kept him from bearing the cross of wedlock. Precious on the other hand is an ‘OND holder’, she doesn’t wish to further, she prefers sex to reading at nights but things has changed. She wants marriage now more than anything.

I knew things like that happen but I cannot disregard the fact that “A movie is a movie”, before I could continue watching Johnson and Precious’s romantic misery. I heard a knock on ny door. It was Blessing, my neighbour’s daughter.
This girl has been tempting me for quite a long time, she would wear a very skimpy dress and most times sit on my laps. She would collect my phone, surf my gallery while she have her legs on my laps.

Courtesy demands that I understand she was just a small girl who sees me as a big uncle but my manly nature defines an opposite sex as what it is, whereas, she was neither my sister nor my daughter. I kept nurturing this lustful seed planted in me whenever I see her.
She was a very young girl at ’14’, she was an epitome of beauty, straight legs, well sized hips quite much more than her age, her burst was like a “20 years old girl’s”. She would walk making her hips appear like those of ‘Nicki Minaj’. In short, she is sexy.

I did not have a girlfriend and I’m this loner who would never have visitors, always indoor and all alone. This girl always keep my company, she had a very fast education so she had finished her O’level examinations. She was always home-alone too.
{Not that I was jobless, I was only unemployed}.

One lonely afternoon, I was home as usual when this girl came, she wore a gown which reached the middle part of her thigh. I did not know if anything was worn underneath but my sanity wouldn’t make me ask.
She went down to my television set and switched it on, she bent to pick her favourite film from the last layer of my shelf when I saw what I shouldn’t never have seen.
As she bent, I scaled my eyes up her thighs unconsciously and I saw exactly what she wanted {She was naked}. Though it was hard accepting the fact that the girl was guilty but it did not matter, even the world herself is guilty.

She drew back after inserting the disk into my DVD player, then she placed herself on the sofa sitting close to me. She turned over and rested her back on my laps, it was then I realised she was neither with bra nor with tube.
I began with my fingers sojourning round her abdomen and I did some wanderings too on her buttons, She was still busy with her eyes glued to the television screen but when I finally loosened her shirt and places my sinful hands on her balls, she looked at me swiftly and smiled {Seems she was happy}.

I never knew what I used to watch in pornography videos can ever happen in reality, but she got on top of me, took her shirt off totally and plugged-in her lips into my salivating mouth.
I felt something drifting right inside my short, something was moving motionlessly between my thighs but I took her on a sweet sail with my lips first.
I left for a journey with my lips and tongue all over her body ransacking them for long hidden treasure, she screamed when I got to her ‘power house’ but I did what i was meant to do. I continued until she opened up and said;
“Please get into me, do it now”

It was as if I was dreaming. No, it was like a nightmare, seeing a fourteen years old girl being perfect at most if not all sexual arousing movements. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I guessed no one cared for my stories that were meant for the gods. All I needed to do was the real thing but I couldn’t.

I felt guilt inside me, I saw it as a sexual abuse and instead of me helping the young girl get saved, I wanted to eat out of her cane too. It was almost impossible turning back at that moment but I did because I thought about my integrity in the neighborhood and how it will get drenched in rain of shame if I’m finally caught.

I built some courage and got up but the girl was crying, It was like I pushed her down the way and left unexpectedly.
But I drew her up and hugged her {forming a big brother}, I spoke gently to her ears and requested for a story _ How she became what she was at her age.
She began;
I had my first sex when I was six years old, It was rape and I lost my virginity to my cousin who caught me naked one morning and did what men do even after my remorse pleads.
I kept it a secret but one day, It happened again but this time, it was at school.
I had some friends then whom I thought were innocent like I was but the truth stripped itself naked at my aroused eyes when I saw the most fremb scene of my life. I was to wait after school hours that evening because of some assignments I had to do. On getting to the corridor of my classroom, I heard someone moan but I was too ignorant to know what exactly was going on.
I continued counting my steps towards the door but on getting close to the window, I heard it wasn’t just one voice. I moved closer, summoned some courage and entered the class. Then I saw Gloria, Faith and two other friends of mine, each of them with different boys from senior class.
I was left alarmed, I became dumb at once like my tongue was cut off for sacrifice. My legs grew too weak to hold my weight that I had to learn against the wall, everything became mystery. I saw my friends in the flood of disgust and my trusts and beliefs in them became fallacy.
It happened again, yes it happened. I had my skirt forcefully pulled off my thighs, my pantie torn and I was sexed again by one of my male friends.
The teacher I reported to told me it was nothing to be worried about, maybe because the boy was the Head master’s son. She told me no one has the virginity I lost, she said everyone could have sex at want, she said it was nothing but pleasure. She said it’s no harm.
So tell me uncle; where else can I find virgins when virginity itself has become a rainbow in the night, who else can call themselves virgins when someone as young as I am saw how impossible being a virgin is?.
There are ‘no more virgins’ uncle.
I looked upon her face with a questioned smile, I could not say she was wrong, I could not affirm her right but I knew the answer to her question may be found if I faithfully teach her what virginity is: Not the wall between the thighs but a virtue within the mind.
I will surely teach her those but maybe after I finish watching the Precious and Johnson’s sexual combat.

Virginity is not the wall between the thighs but the virtue within the mind.
Micheal Ace

Written by
Micheal Ace
Copyright of



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