Here we go

Are you a poet or even not but you wish to know about NIGHT?
Have you ever been baffled by the dark concepts of NIGHT?
Are you waiting for endless inspirations on NIGHT?

In short, you need to see these:

  • 50 poets scribble on night
  • 50 poems themed on night
  • Features……

  • Hello Night by Adegoke Adeola

  • Òru Ìbèrù {Scary Night} by Amore David Olamide
  • The Night does not have to sleep by Aremu Adams Adebisi
  • an endless night by Ayoola Gooddyness Olanrewaju
  • A place called night by Micheal Ace
  • Ecstacy Night by Oki Kehinde Julius
  • Night: Necessary Evil by Tukur Loba Ridwan
  • Introductory poem and speech by Phunsho Oris/U.S.A

And 43 other infallibly plotted poems

DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY HERE b{Themanthology of NIGHT} {PDF – 270kb}

©Funsho Richard/ Illinois, U.S.A



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