A better Nigeria or no Nigeria;
No Nigeria, no better home for us
The Nigeria we deserve crave afar;
Afar our mind race for a better Nigeria.

A flowing river or no river at all;
No river at home we all will fall
Give us a better roof for our head;
Our head needs a better great lead.

We panic here like a missing child;
Child that listen not to his heartbeat
Our heartbeats race of future to be mild
Create us a better home from your beat.

Use our oil, or return our oil back;
Our oil must be used not to be bagged
Bagging our dreams is a holy sweet sin;
sweet holy sin commands revolt and ruin.

Someone must listen to us or we kill;
We must not listen to anyone with lies
Lies on their side are for fooling to fill;
Filling our soul to be broken at their wills.

A better Nigeria we crave to see now;
Now we wish to see our fatherland blossom.
Our resources can be a better source for us now;
Don’t keep all of them in your bosom.

Give us light or we give you fire of hell;
Hell fire is made in our creek of hell.
Repair our refineries or we refine you
You are the main cause of our union.

Look into our education or we educate you,
You have loots our pride with no permission
We must be educated to be civil with you;
In our land lies our dreams and mission.

A better Nigeria we crave to behold;
Don’t better yourself with Nigeria.
Nigeria is better if you make it your hood
Nigeria-hood can be birth from you.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016


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