I plead by Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju

i plead

when you flood me from your pool of corrections
please be kind to guide my swim ashore
and drown me not for my wrongs a watery grave of shame…

when i stray on the horns of ignorance
please be kind that your sharp rebuke trumpets not my flaws
let it spell me the letters of wisdom through your silent words…

when i breed stubborn leeches and my skin needs a thorough scrub
please be kind to not bathe my nakedness in the presence of passers-by
bathe me within and let me feel shame under your looks of caution…

when it boils in you to put my feet back on track
please be kind to patiently choose your rods of rightness
for if hasty you may choose me the rods without comfort…

when you squeeze the bitter truth for my boils of disobedience
please be kind to tell me that you have taken enough too
that your tales of a sinner can help bud my saint soon…

when i foul in misses and tether on wrong stakes
please be kind to check my history of rights
perhaps your verdicts may veil in the cloaks of tender mercies…

when i transgress in the measure of a mustard seed
please be kind not to engrave my lapses in grievous symbols
and make million eyes paint me in derision…

when my penury of words desires your naira of wisdom
please be kind not to give such as alms
and call me your friend in the irony of a beggar…

when my slight digression leans on your staff of guidance
please be kind not to direct me in sweetened derogatory tones
and make me look like a stooge for your praise…

when my eyes are blind to what yours can see
please be kind to give me smiles in your shed of light
that i may learn to give smiles unto others in my brightness…

Ayoola Goodness (c)2015


2 thoughts on “I plead by Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju

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