IT IS MY CONCERN by Isoboye Danagogo

It is my concern

I am a FISH
My fins are fresh and salty
I swim with gills to the hills

I am one of those tilapia’s.
One of those amphibians
that seeks succor from the river.

If oil spoils the river,
It concerns me i am a fish.
Swamps and river-depths are ways,

I brace the bond i had with living.
It concerns me, I am a fish
If menses overflows from the creeks

and tree ceases to grow.
If backyards and farmlands
drinks portable malnutrition.

It concerns me, I am a fish.
Because I live in the pines of the river.
Then we had good riverbanks with aquatic deposits

Then we had oil not as hueless as this oil
I am a fish it concerns me,
Annihilation is all I scents

Isoboye Danagogo.. D learning Poet.. 3.41pm…9.6.15


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