Midnight Couple: Episode 1

The Midnight Couple

Episode 1
“Don’t tell me that, I don’t even want to hear your common stories anymore. What the hell are you telling me?, all my mates are married and here I am dancing at every wedding ceremony’s thanksgiving service. See, I’m tired of waiting, just come back home and let’s finalise everything”.

Blessing could not hold back her lamentations after seeing her friend Janet, the newest bride in town, come out of the range rover sport given to her as wedding gift by her uncle. Janet appeared gorgeous in her sparkling white gown, the environment was glamorous with it’s artistic decoration having only the portrait of Jesus Christ as a symbol proving the hall to be a church.

Bishop Charles climbed the golden-knitted altar in his usual long wine-coloured gown and white collar. The whole congregation were still on their feet when the Bishop began his sermon.

” Praise the lord {The church shouts Halleluyah}. We are here today in the special grace and infinite mercy of the lord to thank the lord almighty for our sister in the lord: Sister Janet and her husband: Brother John, that got wedded yesterday.
It’s really the lords doing because it takes God’s undisputed and undiluted favour to scale through life from childhood, up to primary level and finally to the university level. We really thank God for Brother John too. A dedicated member in this same church who has supported the Lord’s work both financially and spiritually. May almighty God bless the couple for us and keep them together long and happy.”

Hardly had Bishop finished his sermon when the choir master who has been itching restlessly grabbed the microphone and began the danceable songs of life. Everywhere was blooming. Dancing steps and sounds of heels and shoes polluted the gentle silence that had existed in the church earlier. To God be the glory.
The couple, John and Janet, left for the bedroom after their wonderful dinner. On getting there, John decided to have a shower and he went ahead into the bathroom. After three minutes, he lifted his hands to pick his towel, he mopped himself and as he was about leaving the bathroom, he slipped and knocked his head against the bathtub.
Alas!, he died.

Watchout for episode 2 of “The midnight couple”

Written by
Micheal Ace


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