(To Hozier’s Song)

When my mother was in her prime;
She hoped, clutching her two breasts,
To leave a trail behind before
Her earth would be too rigid
To be Softened with water.

When my father was in his heyday,
He only wished to be recognised
With the plenitude of his seeds
Channeling his glory from locals
Down to the niches of foreigns.

I am Adams, the son of Aremu.
Temitope is my mother’s name.
I straddle the glories of my folks
Onto my blended viccisitudes
As I am the result of wishes.

And when I am ripe to be a man;
Yes, when I am green to pestle,
Who shall worship my absence
Unless I birth?

We shall grow and breed
And nurture our wombs
To speak in our accents.
Amen! Amen!

We shall request for our sons;
Those which they adopted
And see how they will pound
Their arses into pregnancy.
Amen! Amen!

We shall be no lizards
Treading on marbles
With no impression.
Amen! Amen!

I hear the cries of an aggrieved
Seeking for the giggle of his funeral.
His wails dagger into my innermost
Arousing my feelings of sympathy.

Being my brothers’ keeper,
I won’t pretend I hear not.

Mister, let me take you to church
If the world is so neglecting.
Let me show you a last true mouthpiece
When your heaven beckons.

So you could worship no more
In a bedroom; with the offers
Of an absolute, draining the
Tongues of the universe.

There is a church in Africa:
A synagogue we most worship in,
With the charms of greening plants
And the buddings of their seeds.

An academy where the elephants
Were being followed by their calves.
Where chimpanzees feed their infants
With luscious parts of a delicacy.
A place where squawks of vultures
Are the echoes of their chicks.
Where a cub is regal with roars
Of its father’s traits.

Therein no shrine of lies
Which a dog can worship to,
Nor is there a knive snarling
Confessional atrocities.
Only there’s nature that heals
The ills of natural doctrines;
So that if a man becomes so sick
That his definition of ‘she’ is ‘he’

He would be taken to church.

Aremu Adams Adebisi

In response to the renowned ‘Take me to church’ song by Hozier.

Read the lyrics here to understand some wordings better: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/hozier/takemetochurch.html


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