TERRIFYING NATURE: Poem by Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal

Terrifying Nature

In the forest patiently i lay,
The spirits, Animals, Trees, Sea, Where every created
beings display,
A dizzling display of crulties and kindness,
Every created beings i saw,
lay in ambush they all say, Without Further ado, i
pry, “Lord!
Please save me, i say.
“The spirits forest”
Where forest spirits sprat out, ‘Above the sky’,
Its spray out,
And appear a “Bomb Scrare”,
From the far away sky.
“The Animals forest”
Where big and small Animals baffle each other,
The big lay to slaughter the others,
There i hide patiently,
Percieving the fragrance of flowing blood slowly,
The animals scented danger, When the forest roam
silentely, Awaiting
To lay ambush,
While the burglar set to catch, Roasting is it in his
dearest mouth.
“The Trees forest”,
Stand over each other like a ghost, Preventing the
storm and the
breezes’ slowly move,
Travel to the globe,
Inside where i saw,
Where the world reside.
“The Sea forest”
Roaring with laughter,
In the sea, are mamals reside,
On the sea, a giant elephant,
walk majestically on the surface of the water.
By the sea, there demons assemble,
To set to seek and slaught,
The gentle souls.
I gazed and gazed in Blind,
The sea ‘air’, I felt other the sea-bed.

Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal


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