Poems by Benjy Sergius


amidst distractions ~

This life is nothing but a fountain where Angels and
demons meet; a
podium where God and Satan argue !

HOPES, once brightly painted
now fainted
amidst confusion ~

Hopes nursed under the canopy of the old giant oak;
now as feeble as
the sons of Israel were to the death warrant of
Pharaoh !

HOPES,once nursed
on the fertile minds of mortals
and buried under prospects
now trickle down the cheeks
like tears of a terrible trauma ~

on the carcasses of these expired hopes
new variable seeds of hope would be nursed for
nature has coached man
the ways of life.

©benjy sergius


Yesterday is my witness
when my dreams sought refuge behind these fragile
these hopes;once rigid
now fractured ~

so we’ll hold hands and sing the songs sung by the
warriors !

The giant Oak is my witness
how I clothed these hopes with passion
yes, these hopes
now as naked as the exhausted soils of the Sahara
desert ~

perhaps I’ve been too coward on this journey; fear
therefore has
planted a new frantic tattoo in my veins !

hopes; once innocently borrowed
from aliens afar
now blur
like figures concealed behind algebraic expressions !

now like Zion; how could I sing the Lords’ song in
captivity? !

Yet; I’ll still hold on to these hopes
for I witnessed myself
the million times the sun sunk in the west and how,
again, it mounted
greatness from the eastern corridors.

©benjy sergius


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