The Paradox of A Buried Dream (1966)

The Gods of dynamic , I HAIL YOU
Towards the creative adventure of the universe
With your instinctively guiding forth .
Ever , can the human face the breath
Of your wrath for their guiltiest deeds
As you have bestowed righteousness over the earth ?
In a streak of broad day light
Tragedy struck like a thunder in the opening sky
And our hope and feeling of life were tragically
Perhaps , can we marvelously honour pride and
With doom and impurity ?
The tragic day dawned bleak and gloomy
And I would had love to shed down
The countless of my loveliest tears on this naked land
Of ours with struggle
As subtle lures against our sanctuary
And salvation of hope.
What is life in this nation ?
Where light followed dark and dark followed light
And solace and integrity dimmed into the shadow
And vanished away off respectively ?
Resultantly , our past dream of promised hope
As a nation had already been stunned , raped
And subversive with scar of the unhealed wounds
Which no reparation could ever erased its
Hostilities from our mortal heart.
Our nation tenaciously encumbered
In a trail of bondage with affliction
Those who will free her must know her nature
And the extent , her intensity and duration
Of our solitary confinement .
For how long must this nation free herself
From the scourge of the unknown curse ?
For how long must this nation free herself from
The slavery of bondage ?
For how long must this nation free herself from
The bane of corruption and servitude ?
I know of the beginning
Of the new day of glory with vision and hope of
The new day of a new earth with the ritual of another
new dawn
The new day that will redeem our depreciated
Self image and identity as a nation.
Beneath , our nation derive its strength from its
And unity from its disunity…
We must sincerely evolve un-doubtful revolution
With restraint in this desperation of our life ,
And brace up girdles for the final onslaught
On the citadel of bondage ,
And we shall have more than enough time
For unrestricted partisan warfare
In the greatest history of our nation

Copyright © Jamiu Arowolo
19th June , 2016


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