I have googled through your milky flesh
And find no filthy spots
I have searched through your innermost beauty
They’re of no blemishes and Errors
Laaroye Gave you coats of many colours
To get your golden attention
Egunlusi offered you piece of gold-Filled Land
All to Get your saintly Body in his famous Hut
Adegeshin sold the king crown for thousands of
Thinking that will melt your charming heart
Ogedengbe burnt tubers to the gods of the Land
To draw you nearer into thee
Ishola baba Fadageri sent His wives packing
To accommodate your valuable presence
Baba waki Bought ‘ketekete’ for your movement
ashake sent Aroko that her love is not for sale.
Silver,Gold and Bitumen i have None-Ashake
But Love which i posses shall be yours truly
Let those with Gold go for the Gold digger
Let my love for you continue in progression.
Ogbeni POG

PETER OMONIYI GIDADO,Popularly known as Ogbeni
POG is an upcoming Poet in the poetry ring,A student
of Business. Administration and Management at Ekiti
state University


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