monalisa by Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie

i want
all the time in this world
so that i may reveal to you
what i truly feel
and a hundred years
is little compared to what i want
your face
it tells a story of a million smiles
your eyes
they tell the tale of twinkling stars
moments of happiness
times that i would never trade away
come closer
look into my eyes
what do you see?
love or even more love?
and i have watched you closely
hidden by green leaves
i could not say what i felt
i used to be a stammerer
and now
i stutter no more
when our eyes meet
then i struggle with words
i never struggle with words
i play with them
but with you
a new chapter is opened in my life
a new story
enchanting and enthralling
can you see the smile on my face?
you put it there
my love for you dissolves
and a bigger
and stronger affection is born
you are my life
my muse
my everything
you will be my death
and i will die
with my moving mouth
still professing my love for you
when you smile
the stars twinkle
when you laugh
someone out there has a change of fortune
when you stare at me
i tremble
i die
i stutter
i smile too
and i love you
i go on and on
no break
this is a manifestation
of how powerful you are
there was cinderella
and now
there is monalisa.
Copyright Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie ©2016


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