Be celebrated

❗Starting from tomorrow 1st of July, 2016

ACEworld shall begin to record all literary works posted in this group.

♦1- ACEworld shall select ‘THE POEM OF THE WEEK’:
The poem which earns the highest turn-ups from the audience.

The winning poem shall be published on

and also, there will be a free frame for the poem which shall be posted and broadcasted for download on twitter,instagram,Facebook and all member’s Whatsapp display picture.

♦2- ACEworld shall select ‘THE POET OF THE MONTH’:
the poet who has the highest featuring based on posts, comments and other activities in the group.

The winning poet shall have five{5} of his/her literary works published on the three sites listed above, free frame of his favourite poem and award of recharge cards.

♦3- ACEworld shall select ‘THE POET OF THE YEAR’:
The poet whose winning based on his poem’s analysis and personal activities shall be given

✅ A free INTERVIEW SECTION which shall be compiled and published on the sites above.
✅ The poet shall be the ACEworld AMBASSADOR for a period of ‘6 months’ and shall benefit recognition, cash award,airtime and others.

To have this opportunity, just join the other members on ACEworld by sending ‘FAME’ to 08166110313.

You cannot afford to miss a place at the top

Please rebroadcast


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