Ajantala by Jumoke Adesewa Olah


Once upon a time,
In the land of the living,
Where men and women were swept on their feet by their tears and babies who were faultless are butchered,with the imagination of what the world speak.

In the land,
Where shattered dreams were questioned by false will
Where widows cry for fellow widows,
When death knocks their shade-less dorm,where no one knows his or her destination,and never gets tired of the journey.

A place,
Where I killed my siblings for fame
A place where i left my head insane and lost my birth right,that same day, i grew tired of life.

A place,
I believed,no one can stop me
Though,I lived in a wild forest of dissemblance
Where no bird dares to squeal,and
No lion dares to roar.

I, Ajantala
The king of the filthy life jungle,who accompany his soul in revenge.
That fiery one who fiegns action with mere grunts,this man who never believe,
If someone called God ever existed.

The land,
We quench our thirst with blood
where no one is paramount except I Ajantala
The weirdest apes among men,
The brave one,the magnificent, Kakakakaakkaakkaa!!!

No one has ever defeated me.
No one !
Not even any can stand my presence…

Part 2: continu…
I am no-one’s prey
I enslave others opinion
My lineage perished in my hands
My decendant are yet to be born.
I dont have the taste of a woman,they are all wench,and yet i fed on them.

I rode against cities with bomb and guns
I laced foreigner’s face with their own blood.
I am an ambassador of death
I am the”Evil”.

Fetch out your guards
Call them out,
Let me strike them
Like “Edun Ara”
“Eni ba dari so iroko
Iroko aako”
“Eni ba dari sapa,apa aapa.”

“Igun dari somi opalori”
“Akalamogbo dari somi,
Oyo gege lorun”.
“Omode o mogun onpe lefo.”
I Anjatala,
A man in the midst of ocean
And causes it ripples to cease.
He who sees me and doesnt run
Will sure meet his demise.

My death is not today
For none has ever heard about the death of a hoe
And none has ever heard about the death of a cutlass.
“Kaka kile oku,ile asa”.

Keku ile gbo,kosofun toko
Odun yii oro…..



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