Perfect Your Mission | Micheal Ace

Perfect Your Mission by  Micheal Ace

When you pack your bags and set for a journey, you already have a
destination. If you don’t then you are just a wanderer.

That is just the exact concept. Missions are the well understood and
comprehended aims which the heart and soul are enjoined to quest.

For a better life and fulfilled heart.

Activate your skills
We all have a talents. I know how to mend shoes and you know how to
paint. We shouldn’t forget he as well knows how to cook.
Skills are inbuilt and practicable talents. What people can easily
recognize and in turn earns us rounds of applause.
Discover what thing others sweat when doing but you complete it within
two blinks of an impatient eye. You have what you do better. Learn
more about it, know the rules.

It is talent naturally. Build on it and make it a skill.

Amend your thoughts
You can’t expect a student who believes in the beauty of red marks on
report sheets and fears the traumas involved in getting the ‘blues’ to
pass excellently.
What you fear will keep considering itself as hurdle.
Your beliefs and thoughts hold the master key to your achievements. If
you believe you can kill a snake, it won’t take you long to get a
stick and smash it.
If you believe you can’t, you just would have bitten yourself even
before the reptile knows you exist.
Belief in what you have never tried before because;
If you succeed, it’s a one leap ahead and If peradventure you fail,
then you have just found another way that won’t work.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Buy new Ideas
You don’t have to worry about the penniless purse right now. There are
many methods to get Ideas than what you think money can do.
Change your environment, widen your experience and always be curious
about new developments and innovations.
Everyone of us believed we have found an everlasting chat zone when
‘2go’ came but to our astonishment, ‘Whatsapp’ evolved.
The world is scaling the heights of advancement and if you don’t want
to be left bitterly behind, you have to climb the ladder with it.
Read books, surf the internet, widen your knowledge and grow intellectually.

*There is always a quote “The sky won’t be a limit when there are

footsteps on the moon”.*
Perfect your mission. Start now and end it someday.

Perfect Your Mission
Perfect Your Mission

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