My Old Necklace


Poem 1

by Usman Kamsi Ojo

She made me fine wooden beads of necklace
That shone like a silent lamp

Silver or gold, time makes all things old
The cave of my soul was wet and damp

But I flung it into fiery flames
When a goldsmith smiled at me
Time makes all things old, silver or gold
I clasped my hands and slumped to my knees

The gold beads shone like a maiden’s soft smile
For beggarly souls to see
Silver or gold, time makes all things old
It was but a mere passing beauty

It glittered bright with gold-plated lights,
Blinding my young infant eyes
Time makes all things old, silver or gold
In our thoughts lies the spring of sunrise

I stare through a broken glass, to see
The shadow of my lost beads
Silver or gold, time makes all things old
A whirlwind has crushed the growing reeds

My life is a puff of breath, rising
From the horizon of the west
Time makes all things old, silver or gold
In all truth, those wooden beads fitted me best

Poem 2

by Ojo Adewale Iyanda
Laughing, crying, tensed,
His tale unconvered, his works unveiled,
Unminding of justice or conscience
Praying for “patience and pardon”,
His heart one stone
Hardened and cooked by power
To govern by vengeance,
Senseless, very senseless,
A stranger to himself and others,
In a communion for him alone,
A particle of change built by demons,
With one purpose and destination,
Exchange, pains, stagnant stance,
A wind without direction
That will soon destroy the wind vane.
On his neck wearing an ancient necklace of pressure and discomfort
A pair of breast
Belonging to a dead woman.
I asked him, “why?” he was crying.
My grave, poor future, on my bare chest,
Is telling to come home, daily.
I’m the dead woman
I give this ancient necklace
To any man who covet power,
And i gave it to him,
From this breast to his grave.

Poem 3

by Suno Bard
My old Necklace
As new as a gift once were gleaming
forever would be indebted not, to rust not made
a fine gold metal piece I wore years back
fell obliviously to a hidden place black.

Years swept pages of days to forget a true gift
oh! The necklace wound by her soft hands to neck
the beautiful piece that provokes my itching thought of her
now gone, but to nowhere known lost to.

A day woke luck from sleep as house chores demands
my precious necklace stared at, lying alone cold
sight at it with shock, degrading thought unfold
what seems so new must meet up with obverse, old.

Poem 4

by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Dangling on the bed,
I saw you shining like the bright morning star.
Your appearance made me want to smile,
Even if I will have to travel a thousand mile.

I found you amidst diamonds,
My old necklace you are like almond.
Just like the old rugged cross
You shine more than that of Rick Ross.

My old necklace
You are the dancing tunnel,
Your shape is a miraculous funnel.
You enclose me in a big circle,
And made me rode of tricycle.

You clustered me with promises,
Wiping away all my nemesis.
You are the circle while I’m the square,
You mingle with me while I was single.


Poem 5

by Onatola Abiodun

I had killed Death faster than dearth;
Death to me sent locust of delegate,
Disease deceased
To beg me for relationship so dear;
It was you-my old necklace
All this glory brought…

My Old necklace
By your charming,unharming prowess
I had won the battle of an African worm
That barnished glorious Child to the World beyond.

Oh! Poor necklace of Europe blacksmith made
Be my companion;
Buy me now extralife for Life afterlife…

Poem 6

by Gidado Omoniyi Peter
My old wrecking necklace
Bequeathed to me by my forebears
Without the shining glitters of gold
And the arrays of buzzing lights
With every minute of depreciation
And no boldness to live till next generation
Only remind me to be a strong man
To axe my gold for my own necklace
My worn out odd necklace
With thorny strings of outdatedness
With weary beads and ropes
Only tell me the future belong to me
If i work hard for beautiful necklace

Poem 7

by Chinedu Sig Onu

Flavour of old brew anew
Sticking to the days of yore
Old memories they carry
On its pendant, they hang

This is more than a neck lace
What more: it’s less a lace
Yet on its invisible pendant
Hangs the marks that would never go

Worn last on the day of the eclipse
Wide open it allowed its womb
Dust to dust mother earth calls
Yet tears couldn’t cover the veil

My Papa is death
No more to be seen
Yet he lives
in my old necklace

Poem 8 (Winning poem)

by Watchman Faith (winner)

My old Necklace
Old things they say always bear tales,
Of great adventure, of great sales,
When seafarers battled dragons and whales,
Of great battles, both wins and fails,

Therefore I’ll tell my story like a bard,
In soft lines I will tell my message so hard,
Like the joker, watch me deal my card,
I’ll give you mixed emotions, some happy, some sad

Tales of a night with all its thick and shrills,
Filled with danger, wonders and thrills,
The night I dared to show my skills,
Just to see and know how love feels,

I was the dame , the Queen of the night,
Drawing the attention of men of all might,
They would cower and be speechless at my sight,
Even throw bets and even dare to fight,

I just laugh and watch them pace,
Thanking my stars for such a grace,
Knowing it was good fortune that gave me my mace,
My talisman, a glittering, sparkling necklace,

It shone forth with the force of the sun,
Its magic making other beauties run,
Making the heads of hard men turn,
Making the force of love in their hearts to burn,

So listen, my dear daughter, my love,
Do not mind the ladies that do rival you,
For when your turn shall come to dance,
Remember that you have a weapon, MY OLD NECKLACE!.

Poem 9

by Mahmud Sufiyan
oh!My old necklace
The sound of the poor soul necklace
Couldn’t find it
Hidded in a dark dangerous
ugly buckling house
Oh!My old necklace
Feel so pity in a pitiable way
Still my old necklace is lost in the dark
Lost its desire
its hope

Poem 10

by Terrific Terry
My old necklace
it is hard to fathom
the passing of time
our flowers that once blossom..
Our lif’s rhythm that once rhymed

Primroses fade,and seas recede.
Closed are the buds that withers
Time is distance between sleep and slumber.
So there is an end to all that ve lived

As like a gift to my eyes,
I remember you were divine,
You were not human
nothing that beautiful can be,
especially when she became mine,

Minted gold,yellow morning sun
she was pure as the colour,
as brilliant as dawn.
In all of shining splendour

She was my love,
an element given form,
water of ages,
that would keep me warm.
Forgive me!
In that present moment,
in that blissful time,
I didn’t have the words just,
to put it in rhyme.

Every moment with you,
I have come to cherish,
Man do not know worth,
Until time sleeps with perish

I hoped we’d last forever,
but that wasn’t the case
fate indeed was not kind,
and our lives were erased.

But that is not all there is to this tale,
l rather not I dwell upon it,
my first necklace brought beauty and hale
and all the goodies there was to it



Dave East

I applaud everyone involved. Were the poems originally written in English? I am not sure if they have lost something in translation? As they don’t scan poetically, and the poetic meter is different in every line. Unless it is a free verse style. But bravo everyone involved a keep writing my poet friends.

Adedayo Victor

Poem 7. The poet should look at this line “My papa is death”.

Just a few grammatical shortcomings. It’s a very good one.

ViQtor Bhard

Poem 5 and 8 caught me upstair…but 8 was deep,the poet had a style and followed it through but towards the end he lost that style but still manage to pull out an awesome last four lines;Kudos to him/her…I choose 8

Hymar Idibie David

Too much options. Would have been better to split it into two or three groups then the winners of each group face-off.

Philibus K Elisha Elisha

Every poet proved their worth…probably because it was a quest; all the poets have been in such a rush and have carried their punishment for that…spellings,grammar and device not properly taken care of…poem 8 seems to come close to be OK…may be with some drillings and grillings;methink the writer is having a better prospect…others would grow along…good contest Michael.

Ádédōyin Éniōbánké Ádétútù

8 will do it for me thought I love 1 but he did not follow d said topic.

Obimboy Uche

I follow the 4. it has a lot to do with me. L. M.H.

Olayemi Ayo

The number one poem , is the best poem so far.

Oluremi Adams

I love poem 1, but the rhymes and diction in poem 8 conveys the theme better. It’s poem 8 for me

Pearl Charmed Okafor

if poetry was Maya – Then her daughters like me would love poem 10,the quatrains are easy to chew

it is hard to fathom
the passing of time
our flowers that once blossom
Our lif’s rhythm that once rhymed
Primroses fade,and seas recede.
Closed are the buds that withers
Time is distance between sleep and slumber.
So there is an end to all that ve lived

That got me

Next Edition of Muse2go is coming up soon

ThemeSongs of life

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