Adebimpe by Ogbeni POG

What should i do to get into you, Adebimpe?
I have longed for a divine matrimony with you,
I deserted those ladies of scanty beauties,
My whole attentions are for you, Adebimpe.
Ifa says you are my future, because my heart is for you in this present.
Opele reveals that i am drowning half without you.
Ogogo tweets on my window sides every now and then.
Because your existence is everlasting blessing.
My feet have journeyed your hut in desperation
and my mouth has chewed more of you
than teeth repelling kola.
Tell me to bring down twenty men in seconds
Tell me to work on your father’s farm everyday.
Tell me to fetch the whole stream
Tell me,tell me to hunt the wildest beast for you.
Tell me anything, I concur like the lizard.
Tell me, because Maami itches for our babies,
She had prayed for me to meet an angel like you,
It will gladden Baami’s heart
to see you bear our clan’s nomenclature, my Adebimpe


Gidado omoniyi Peter popularly known as OGBENI POG is a poet,writer and a public affairs analyst. He is a staunch supporter of cultural heritage and values which are mostly found in his work, He is currently a student of Ekiti state university studying Business Administration





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