by Isoboye Danagogo

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Let me go tell the true story
I am now into slavery of choice.
That same beauty she wore
is fixed upon her forevermore.
I must go back because I think
I am in love as fishes like waters.

I must tell Mama the truth
because my eyes have seen true beauties.
My mouth would say it all,
Because my soul had chewed fantasy.

I must go back home to tell
Abike and Abiye are the eyes on my mind.
And I don’t mind using them
to see where I am going.

But how do i tell Mama?
That I am trading with a blind man without lame excuses.
That I went for Abike and fell in love with Abiye?
But I met Abike first with her rain bucket waist.
I must tell Mama that Abiye appearance is tasty.

No no no, I must go home and
tell Mama the whole truth;
that i have seen grasses eating ghost,
And I’ll explain why King Solomon had no choice.

Isoboye Danagogo..D learning poet….2016….


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