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If there are really a thousand ways to die then most of those ways ring around war, disagreements and every other thing that kills the peace between two parties.
I know of a woman who loved her vase so much that even the husband knew actually how much she cherished it.
One day, the wife was in the kitchen when she heard a shattering sound. She ran there and met her husband picking the pieces of the broken vase. Immediately the man saw her, he realized he had done something wrong and he apologized saying it was an accident. The wife who was obviously angry had no choice than to bend to join him. That was how the case was closed.
– Many problems wouldn’t have been if we build the courage to always admit our wrongs no matter the ego and apologize even before the wronged alters a word.
– Many homes wouldn’t have been shattered and many crumbled relationships would have stood their grounds if men (especially the African men) begin to see women as ‘Human’ and not anything less.
– The world will be a better place if we all understand now, that the same courage it takes to stand up and fight is the same it takes to be moody and apologize. The same braveness it takes to get up and talk is the same it takes to sit down and listen.
Let’s assume we put an end to war and disagreements, then the rate at which people die physically and emotionally will drastically reduce.
We don’t need God to do somethings for us- we are god ourselves.
So please do me a favor; go to the mirror, begin to see yourself through other’s eyes, start changing your being to what the world needs. After that, tell someone else to do the same and before the ‘end of time’, the world would have become a paradise- Our own glorious kingdom.
“We need not be concerned about anything above the sky. We already have this universe in our hands”
-Micheal Ace
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Micheal Ace


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