Muse2go Episode 1 Day 1


Contestants: Ahmadu Usman PoetiQue and Tukur Loba Ridwan

Date: 2nd, December, 2016


Poem 1 by Ahmadu Usman PoetiQue  
(13 votes)

(Sorceress’ Spell)
A sorceress defeated me with her spell;
My mouth is now womb for length-less fangs.
My thought now thinks what I can’t tell,
As sons of angry sun thuds and bangs.

Do I dance to her tunes and save my woes?
How do I leave her derailing spoor?
I now have 32 eyes to see my foes.
As she kept me in the womb of her moor.

She gave me fangs for monstrous spree:
She crooned a lullaby as a cue.
I’m cursed by a sorceress who is free.
I’m so buried in her sorcery hue.
Poem 2 by Tukur Loba Ridwan
(23 votes).


I must have seen the face of death
In the palms of evil; hooded and faint
As these palms finds comfort
On the chest of a panting woman.
But I could not see how the spirit
In his palms squeezed the low life
Out of her limping heart in a second.
The breeze thought she had fainted
When he struggled to give her first-aid;
Blowing the rest of his lungs into hers
Until he could no longer find his own breath
Then beside her he laid, dead, when she woke.

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