Muse2go Episode 1 Day 2


Contestants: Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal and Oke Creamco Peter

Date: 3rd, December, 2016


Poem 1 by Oke Creamco Peter

(21 votes)
I have come again
To this regnant being, my commendation
I bow for your faceless guise
That is beseted by firmament
We say you are faceless
But the stars disagree with this statement
Atheist with his faint idea
Dishearten a weak timber
With his weak resolution
And his vicious infection.
I read of your confusable delusion
That is far from factual comprehension
Your rectitude is my strength
And steering wheel my conduct
You are the faceless phantom.
Your sudden apparition in my dream
Has killed my hilarious hallucination
As fallen Angel flew from my welkin
The muse behind my muse
And the potency behind my efficacy
And so you are to all theists
Bouquet beam your beauty
Galaxy glisten your glory
Your faceless spirit guides me
Though faceless you are
Yet more powerful than power broker
I’m not entitle to your grace
Yet I’m a product of your mercy
Your existence is wis
Help me dwell at last in your glory


Poem 2 by Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal

(7 votes)

In a barren land
Was my soul unroll
Like a mortal tomb uncovered
As I walked through a line
Into the world paths of untold
Into the netherworld of a faceless lands
Dreaming me like a dream nightmares of unexpected
A faceless girl with a mortal coup d’oeil
Crushed my way like rainbow descended from the sky
To unruffled my frilled faceless land
With a productive lands of love
And to unbarrel my barren heart
That has bared for long times ago
In the wilderness of a faceless land
She leads every paths
Like a moon light in the night
To lighten up a glistens light to my paths
And sheds a brightness light to my gloom faceless heart
She blankets me
With a blanketing sheet of love
From the danger of fears
Tearing my heart apart like a fiends lyrics of night
She soothes me with a magical love spell
Her presence in my heart like unforgettable night in two lovers night She makes me fear not
In the glooms of a diabolical lands
Her presence sheds light to my glooms paths
Her faceless love may not be known
But her presence in my heart
Shared a piece of happiness in my heart


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