SERMON FROM A STAMMERER (chapbook) by Micheal Ace

FRESH RELEASE: Sermon From A Stammerer by Micheal Ace

Image for "Sermon From A Stammerer (Chapbook) by Micheal Ace"
Sermon From A Stammerer (Chapbook) by Micheal Ace


Here comes the first collection of poetry by Micheal Ace,the magical poet, titled ‘Sermon From A Stammerer’.

Enjoy if for FREE





The gales of words wafted by this collection cannot fail to reach the ears of an eager reader who cares to follow the winds of these twenty-one poems. Like the icy hot air of a harmattan day, these lines will penetrate through his skin, but to breathe life into his bones.


“And by the power of a word

I start my life again”,  (1)

Paul Eluard inscribed on his generation, thus blasting a dark era to ruins.

This is also what the oxymoron composing the title of Micheal’s collection implies from the start, and what the subtitle, which underlines the “evolution” of the author’s poetry along the poems, further confirms…read more

by Brigitte Poirson



As I read these poems, I was cast into a different terrain of poetic consciousness. I am familiar with the poet and his thematic engagement. I am fully aware of Michael Ace’s innovation and eclecticism when it comes to poetry and art. But this anthology comes at one with a piercing rod, rod which prods into the very existence of the reader, through the design of the poet. There is no doubt that Ace intends to sound didactic by titling his work in a religious tone. A sermon is, as a matter of fact, religious and symbolic. However, a contrasting edge is introduced, that of a “stammerer.” The title, therefore, suggests a deliberate contortion of the familiar, an apparent design to deconstruct the known, and set the tone for a serving of heightened satire, a mockery of the norm, and presentation of a future built on hope and dreams…read more

by Funsho Oris


Download, enjoy and lets see which of the poems you rep



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