Muse2go Episode 1 Day 4


Contestants: Ifeoluwa Aiki and Caleb Asset

Date: 16th, December, 2016


PROSE 2 by  Ifeoluwa Aiki

(60 votes)

Of Gin And Herbs

You were seated, staring dejectedly at a glass cup beside the pile of books that needed cramming in front of you.
It was the eve of the first paper of your finals. How the semester flew past you was a mystery you couldn’t explain. It was lost in a blur of parties, girls and more parties. One day you stepped into school a finalist, the next exams were knocking.

Your head was as empty as the list of Buhari’s fulfilled electoral promises. You had spent the day running after your coursemates, collating the course materials used for the semester.

You recalled the words of your final year best friend, Austin, as he handed a cellophane of herbs to you, when you complained about having problems assimilating what you read.

“Guy, you no get problems at all. Soak this herb for dry gin for one hour, drink am. Aswear your brain go open pass ashawo laps.”

You stared at the glass of soaked herbs, stared at the books.

“Desperate times called for desperate measures, and if this doesn’t count as desperate times, then nothing else does.” You thought to yourself as you swirled the glass and downed the contents.

You shook a bit as the gin raced down your throat. You sat back, expecting the herb to kick in. A slight buzz from the gin apart, you felt nothing.

Disappointed, you tried to reach for the books, you saw them jump back. Alarmed, you jumped out of your seat.

Or tried to, but your butts were glued to the chair. You burst into mirthless laughter when the table started growing in size.

“Idiot table, stay one place”

You slipped off the chair into the embrace of the floor and promptly fell asleep.

There your concerned course-mates found you when they came looking for you after the paper.


PROSE 1 by Caleb Asset

(21 votes)

A World In Black And White
The room was dark and cozy except for the ray of sunshine that peeked through a window. There, he sat all by himself, smiling at his nude shadow. He was happy under bar and lock, with his hair roughly shaved at the rear.
He stood up and lurched towards the window, with his scrotum dangling between his thigh. He was happy to get a clear view of the street and passersby. With the help of his best friend, he has viewed the world in black and white, and could see that everyone around him has put on the mantle of madness.
He gave a fierce scream that cuts through the heart of neigbors and passersby walking the street, then he mumbled to himself and laugh hysterically.
Across the street, a voice was heard.
“the mad man has started again”.
Minutes later, he made for something under the carpet. He knew the exact spot to find it, and he did as he held her between his fingers. He was happy to have found her. He smiled as he held her to his lip. Friendship with her has cost him his sanity, but he knew she is the only one he could count on, even when the world seem to desert him.
He turned once again, facing the window as the sun pricked his flesh while his head reeled, but he seems not to care. All he ever wanted was something he could use to flame the passion between them. He peeped through the window, but all he could see were handful of madmen roving the street. He felt disappointed, as he quietly sat down, unveiled her clothing and slowly chew the sweetness in her flesh.
With her, sanity is a love tale of eternity in a world full of mad men.

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