Let me wear jesus’ shoes by Onikola Temitayo Daniel

Let me wear jesus’ shoes

I am the honey that bees despise,
A child in the fury of the snow,
Life is an ocean of surprises;
Tell my mother I now live on the roads;
Of beds made of granites,
And of a pillow carved from stones.

Yesterday,another child became an orphan,
The kisses of death causes our lips to wither,
I sought solace in starchy granules,
To keep my head in life’s strugles.
My name is spelt DA-NI-HELL,
For my eyes is a furnace of great despair.

Tomorrow,another boy would become a doctor,
Education is an airplane in the sky of my dreams.
Hawking daily times at the sunny bus-stops.
Let me kiss death and stop living;
The walls of life are of feeble monopiles.
Let this cup stand over me,crucify me!

The soil of my cheeks are daily watered,
With loose shirts and tattered hair like a madman from ajax. My feets are fishes in the nests of dust.
I am Job;tempted by life,
I licked my sores sauced with bile.
Let this cup stand over me,crucify me!

Onikola Temitayo Daniel
I am a student of osun state polytechnic iree,a science lab tech student.Poetry is a way of expressing the feelings of the million cells in my body. I write to express myself in relation to the world.


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