I see you draw back
to a place where the pain
is restricted to the mind
i watch you strangle yourself
Choking on your desire for freedom

Your face expressionless
like an empty canvas
i look closely to know what you feel
I see in your eyes
an ocean of words
being rocked
by various waves of emotions.

The fastest death,
is not the body
overwhelmed by the disease
but a soul
that lost the will to live.

-Grace A.

I am a lover, a lover of God, lover of words, lover of truth, lover of songs , lover of humanity.
As I love and live, I produce words of the heart that either lead me towards love the more, or answer questions of the heart.
I am a Nurse with a passion for caring for humanity and watching the body and soul heal . Sometimes, this quest leads me to the depth of words ;birthing of poems and provoking thoughts.

Name;Agboola Grace
Email: cutegrazie4god@gmail.com


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