A rose at your doorstep

You’re fighting a war
You’ll win but what do you do after your victory?
You’ll drink, dance and merry
Invite the lords of stars to break bread
And the daughters of moon to warm your bed-
and then…?
That is to say you do not fight without a purpose.

Name your hurdles before you jump them
They will help put honour in your bloodline
Fright in the bodies and souls of your foes
And lead your children through
When they come of age to choose their gods

I’ll be saying two prayers tonight
One for me and one for you
You’ll find it in the fragrance of the rose I left-
by your doorstep.

Micheal Ace


One thought on “A rose at your doorstep

  1. I’m fighting a war but I am losing I have this monster inside of me that I keep fighting but every time I am close of winning this war I get weaker, He makes me feel lonely, He makes me feel ugly and also he makes me feel worthless and useless and he tells me that no one cares about me which I know some do but he tells me no one wants me around even though I know some do but he tells me no one loves me even though I know some do its hard to know wants real and wants not, I fake a smile that looks real but once you look into my eyes you will know want I am hiding be hide my smile :) :(

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