Poetry: Heaven Cries Aloud by Adedeji Ridwan Olanrewaju

Yesterday awakened cries of sacrilege
Left heaven ajar of acrid rain
On an earth ran amok
Like the splitting of an atom bomb
On an earth attenuated by arson and abortion.
Affectionate thunder aped the spillage.
While the abject ones moaned in adversarial pose,
The abortionists drifted afar; apace.

Today sees an arid land
Scarred, ruined, ashen from yesterday’s spill.
Addled earth pricks heaven anew and
Heaven opens its gush
On an earth long adulterated,

And filters the earth of adhesive filths
Flushes with antidote of asp’s fang
Asserts on all that assert and their abetters
Abates network reach of asps’ and adders’.

Tomorrow watches azure heaven
Sprouts colours-bow; and apportioned
Alluvium sprouts fresh grapes.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,
The want for rain cannot be assuaged.


Biography: Adedeji Ridwan Olanrewaju is a self-taught poet and an ardent of change. He often espouses positivism and pragmatism in his works.

Website: naijaspeaksaloud.blogspot.com

E-mail:  adedejiridwan70@gmail.com

Facebook Username: Poet-Ridwan Adedeji Olanrewaju


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