Poetry: Unfaithfulness By Samuel Nzebor


Each time I hold your image
like strong wine in my head,
it flies off like
a bird
resting on strangers’ nest.
When I try to catch your smell,
and smear my skin
with your sweat,
you suddenly become
a deity and disapparate.
You inflict more pain
and sell my pleasure to another.
You have become urine,
raping the earth rapidly
till you hit orgasm.
Day and night,
I beg the silence
to comfort me.
I raise my hands to the wind,
and allow it to gently
take care of my needs.
Though you treat me like
a disease,
I will still worship you.



Samuel Nzebor is a student of the University of Benin, Nigeria. He reads comic stories, poems and plays the piano. He loves the supernatural.


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